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As an agency we provide services that enable donors to form sustainable partnerships with civil society based organisations.

1.  Philanthropy
 for   Grant making Foundations

At Connected Development we understand the obstacles faced by philanthropic organisations that have an international focus to their grantmaking.  

Connected Development works with new philanthropists and experienced grant makers to navigate these challenges. Through a targeted set of services, we promote more engaged international giving between donors and civil society organisations.

We provide specialist advice to both individuals and foundations in the following areas:

i. Defining a clear giving strategy

ii. Identifying suitable grantees 

iii. Setting up a foundation or fund 

iv. Monitoring results collaboratively 

v. Evaluating impact indepedently

2. Resource Mobilisation  
for Civil Society  Organisations  (CSOs)

At Connected Development we recognise the unique ability of grassroots development actors to create sustainable change through their programming.

Where civil society organisations often require additional support is in creating and implementing strategies to mobilise resources to support their activities..

Over several years of experience interacting with civil society organisations in more than 10 countries, Connected Development has developed targeted training tools and methodologies to enhance their ability to mobilise resources in a sustainable way. 


Support is always adapted to each national context, so that the core fundraising, strategy, research, planning and communications skills can be transferred to local leadership

Connected Development delivers these assignments on behalf of grant making organisations (foundations or INGOs), to support their grantees / implementing partners.

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3.  Localisation
 for International NGOs

Connected Development works with international organisations that seek to reform their institutional structure to promote local ownership and sustainability in their international development approach.

Some charitable organisations are aiming to close their headquarters for good, while others are seeking to reform their international governance structures to promote more egalitarian development approaches. In these cases, additional training and guidance is usually required for the newly independent civil society organisations (CSOs) that emerge from these transitions.

Connected Development can therefore support international NGOs by providing Resource Mobilisation support to its former implementing partners.  

We also support international NGOs through the following steps in their transformations: 

​i. Defining a localisation strategy 

ii. Creating a transition plan  

iii. Decentralising governance structures 

iv. Re-defining partnerships 

v. Establishing new impact goals  


William’s knowledge, competence, and efficiency were an invaluable asset during my time as a Trustee for a newly formed UK registered charity, as we sought to establish a sound governance strategy for the new organisation, and clear options for possible ways forward.

I was particularly impressed by the extent to which he was able to bring his extensive previous international experience in the charity field to bear while also being focused on our particular goals and constraints.

Sir Tom Phillips

KCMG, Diplomat

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