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As an AGENCY we provide training and guidance so that donors and local
development agencies can form sustainable partnerships. We provide:

1. Organisational Development 

For local NGOs who are (a) The grantees of philanthropic organisations, or (b) Newly independent, former implementing partners of INGOs.

We specialise in working with local organisations and have training tools and methodologies ready to deliver in the following areas:

i. Financial Sustainability: Strategic Planning, Project Development, Donor Engagement, Public Communications.

ii. Governance & Compliance: Registration, Formation, Risk Management, Policies, Board Development.

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2. Grant Management

For philanthropic organisations who are seeking to work more effectively with local partners to enhance their impact. We can conduct:

i. Initial assessments

ii. Ongoing monitoring
iii. Final evaluations

...of local organisations based all over the world, to help grant makers to form long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with community-based organisations. 

3. Strategic Change

For international NGOs that are seeking to become more locally led. We provide guidance and support to senior management and boards of trustees with this process, using our specialise knowledge of the following areas: 

i. Localisation processes
ii. Governance re-structures
iii. Public communications

We bring insights from years of experience working within local NGOs, charities, INGOs, and multilateral organisations, to guide institutional change. 


I have had the pleasure of working closely with William on a series of executive- level projects spanning both UK and international NGOs. He is highly professional, experienced, methodical, and pays meticulous attention to detail.

My organisation received insightful advice on enhancing governance structures, ensuring a robust foundation for effective decision-making and sustainable growth. No challenge was too great, and solutions provided were always innovative and tailored to the specific needs of our projects.


William’s ability to navigate the complexities of both UK and international contexts demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of managing NGOs. His open communication style and willingness to listen to diverse perspectives made the impact we needed. William calm and composed demeanour also created a sense of confidence among the team.

Caroline Burkie, MInstF(Dip),

Fundraising Director

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