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“I went to Thailand for an internship as part of my masters in Post War Recovery Studies. Going to Mae Sot and supporting the work of Kickstart Art was a lifetime experience. It allowed me to have experiences that I would not have in other places. I particularly valued the opportunity to take part in the refugee art teaching project taking photos, videos and notes and feeling as another member of the organization. I also learnt a lot from Connected Development (which partners with NGOs like Kick Start Art to help them develop) about report writing, project management, fundraising and how to interact directly with donors. The experience also presented a unique opportunity to work directly with migrant children and communities from Myanmar/Burma, conduct interviews with them but also with a good number of grassroots NGO's and international organizations. For me, the experience was unique in terms of learning, and thanks to the members of Kickstart art it was also fun. I really felt supported and welcomed by them.” 

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