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Connected Development 

Strengthening international  

development through exchange 


Connected Development actively promotes community ownership of interventions within the international development sector. By engaging with grassroots development actors over the long term, we help them to access the knowledge and skills to enter into equal and sustainable partnerships with international donors. Alongside this practical action, we advocate for locally led development by sharing this approach with policymakers, practitioners, and the public.


Our working model generates interactions between people through three main functions: (1) As an Agency, that provides training and guidance so that donors and local development agencies can form sustainable partnerships (2) as a Network, that shares best practices between local development agencies in different countries, and helps them to establish international connections; and (3) as a Platform, by presenting examples from community development practice to a wider audience, providing insights for policymakers.    


Connected Development aims to introduce more innovative, dynamic, and cost-effective ways of conducting international development cooperation.  



Connected Development has three closely interlinked functions: it acts as an Agency, a Network and a Platform


Connected Development specialises in providing comprehensive organisational development support to local development agencies through mentorship assignments designed to strengthen their current impact and long term sustainability. We also conduct research to identify effective local partners for philanthropic organisations, guidance with grant management and independent evaluations. Through these different services, we aim to enable more international donors to partner directly with local development agencies, who can thereby increase their impact on the community. 


Within its member network, Connected Development shares practical knowledge related to education, health, and livelihoods projects between organizations on a similar or parallel development trajectory. Most local development agencies have limited opportunities to learn from the experiences of counterparts in other regions or countries. Through this ongoing support, member organisations often establish new donor relationships, at which point we continue to support them to develop these relationships into mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships. 


Connected Development then shares examples of the work of its members with a wider audience through online platforms and public talks. By linking local development agencies to an international audience, we enable connections to be forged with interns and professionals who can volunteer to support their work. These practical insights also show policymakers the methods used by local development agencies to ensure that communities take ownership of development interventions, something rarely achieved by major international aid programmes.



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13 local development agencies in 10 countries given guidance

20 internships completed in support of local development agencies

5 long term financial partnerships initiated between donors and members

raised for community owned programmes
through these new partnerships

5 public talks given on community development approaches


“Thank you so much because without your help Kick Start Art would not have achieved success, such as launching the Chin State project in Myanmar.”

Program Director, Kick Start Art

"Lauriane has been doing a wonderful job, often going above and beyond expectations and the whole time being willing to help in any areas needed. I've been so impressed with the quality of her work and the model of e-interning."

Director, INED Foundation



As part of our platform, internships are frequently set up between our members and students from universities all around the world. Remote or in-person support can be extremely valuable for local development agencies that manage their programmes with few resources, while interns have the opportunity to make make a direct contribution to grassroots development work and learn a great deal in the process. 

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William works as an international development consultant for a range of Third Sector organisations, including grant making agencies and international NGOs. He previously held positions with the United Nations, as the Chief Executive of a UK charity and as the Director of a Vocational Training school.  Since 2009, William has lived in both Timor-Leste and Thailand, and travelled widely across the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia, engaging with NGOs, donors, social enterprises, and local communities.  He came up with the idea for Connected Development based on these experiences, and a desire to make international cooperation more effective.  

William currently lives in Cheltenham, UK 

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